Certification Process

Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process:

  • Application: Businesses submit an application to Nomad365, providing relevant information and documentation.
  • Online consultancy: By leveraging our expertise and industry insights, you can confidently navigate the evolving landscape and position your establishment as a top choice for digital nomads seeking exceptional experiences.
  • Assessment: Our team of experts reviews each application, verifying the information and ensuring that the business meets the criteria for the desired certification level. (by video call)
  • Site Visit: In some cases, a site visit may be conducted to further evaluate the establishment and verify the amenities and services offered.
  • Certification: Once the business has met the criteria for the desired level, they are awarded the Nomad365 certification and provided with promotional materials, such as logos and badges, to display on their website and marketing materials.
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Continuous Improvement and Compliance

Continuous Improvement and Compliance:

  • Regular Updates: Certified businesses are required to keep their information up to date and notify Nomad365 of any significant changes in their offerings.
  • Periodic Re-evaluation: Nomad365 may conduct periodic re-evaluations to ensure that certified businesses continue to meet the certification criteria and maintain high standards of service.
Training and Support

Training and Support:

  • Resources: Nomad365 will provide resources, guidelines, and best practices to help businesses improve their offerings and achieve certification.
  • Consulting Services: We will offer consulting services to businesses seeking guidance on how to meet the criteria for their desired certification level.
  • Networking: Nomad365 will facilitate networking opportunities among certified businesses, encouraging the exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices.

By offering a comprehensive and tailored certification program, Nomad365 aims to create a trusted network of digital nomad-friendly establishments, providing digital nomads with a reliable resource for finding accommodations and workspaces that cater to their unique needs.


We aim to provide remote workers with an ideal place to work and live while supporting businesses in their pursuit of world-class service. 


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