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Nomad365A, the certification program for Airbnb accommodations:

To be eligible for Nomad365A Certification, Airbnb must meet the following requirements:

1. Reliable and High-Speed Internet Access:

The Property must provide high-speed internet that is reliable and stable, with a minimum speed of 10Mbps download and 10Mbps upload. Special badge for 50Mbps (Nomad365A plus)

2. Workspaces and Ergonomic Seating:

The Property must provide adequate workspace and ergonomic seating for guests to comfortably work for extended periods.

3. English-speaking host:

The host of the Airbnb must be fluent in English to ensure effective communication with digital nomads.

4. Noise Level:

The Property must be located in a quiet area or have soundproofing to ensure minimal noise disturbance during working hours, both from outside and inside the building.

5. Accessibility:

The Property must have easy access to nearby amenities, such as cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores.

6. Safety and Security:

The Property must have adequate safety and security measures in place, including secure entry, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and first-aid kits.

7. Cleaning Services:

The Establishment agrees to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene throughout its premises as a requirement for the certification. This includes regular cleaning schedules, thorough sanitization of common areas, and ensuring the cleanliness of individual rooms or units. The Establishment shall also provide cleaning supplies and amenities to ensure a comfortable and hygienic environment for Digital Nomads. (Extra bedsheets & iron)

8. Lighting Requirements:

The Establishment agrees to provide good lighting conditions as part of the certification. This includes ensuring adequate lighting in common areas, workspaces, and individual rooms or units. The Establishment should consider providing additional lighting options such as a ring lamp or suitable lighting fixtures to enhance the work and living environment for Digital Nomads. Good lighting contributes to productivity and creates a comfortable atmosphere for remote work.

9. Power Outlets:

The Airbnb must provide ample power outlets throughout the seating areas to accommodate the charging needs of Digital Nomads and their devices. Sufficient access to power ensures that remote workers can easily keep their devices powered throughout their stay at the Airbnb, enabling uninterrupted work and productivity.

10. Kitchen Device and Fridge:

The Establishment shall provide a kitchen device (e.g., stove, oven, microwave) and a refrigerator as part of the certification. These facilities should be in good working condition and accessible to guests. The kitchen device enables Digital Nomads to prepare their meals conveniently, promoting a self-sufficient and flexible lifestyle. The refrigerator ensures proper storage of perishable items and allows guests to store their food and beverages during their stay.

11. Multiple Workspaces (Optional: Highly recommended): 

The Establishment shall provide a sufficient number of workspaces to accommodate two or more guests as part of the certification. This ensures that each guest has access to a dedicated workspace within their accommodation. The workspaces should be equipped with comfortable seating, suitable desks or tables, and adequate lighting. This requirement aims to support the productivity and work needs of Digital Nomads who may be traveling and working in groups or pairs. (Nomad365A plus)

12. Laundry Machine (Optional: Highly recommended):

The Establishment shall provide access to a laundry machine or laundry facilities on-site or nearby, as part of the certification. This allows Digital Nomads to conveniently clean and maintain their clothes during their stay. The laundry machine should be in good working condition and easily accessible to guests, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience. (Nomad365A plus)

13. Kettle (Optional: Highly recommended): 

The Establishment shall provide a kettle as part of the certification. The kettle should be in good working condition and easily accessible to guests. This allows Digital Nomads to prepare hot beverages such as tea or coffee conveniently within their accommodation, enhancing their comfort and productivity during their stay. (Nomad365A plus)

These minimum requirements ensure that the Airbnb provides a comfortable, secure, and productive environment for digital nomads, and meets the standards of the Nomad365A certification program.

Nomad365A pricing:
1st part - Consulting Fee:
2nd part - Annual Certification Fee:


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